We all have dreams, places we want to go, role models we want to meet, countries we want to visit, heights we want to attain, positions we want to rise to, kids we want to give birth to and train, the list is endless just add yours. Dreams, sad enough, they end as just dreams most of the time.

I've met many "I wish" kind of people, and I tell you they far outrank the "I did" group. Which do you belong to?

No one cares what you know, who you've met, any connections you claim to have, if they can't see results. Results can't be gotten if you remain in your world of dreams, no, you have to take the next step, start.

So I say to you with a very large dream, you with great ideas, you with world changing theories and strategies, you with that extra touch, that unique ability, start! You just might be the one the world awaits, you just might, just might!

Stop focusing on the problem, you've done that all your life and have gotten nowhere, there's a solution, start climbing, elevation changes perspective. Stop finding the million reasons why it would not work, replace them with the billion reasons why it will. Remember, in ten years time you will either regret you didn't start today or be forever grateful you did. No matter how seemingly inconsequential your dream is, just start! Even if you fail, at least you'll know you made an effort.

The world awaits you, we all await you, how long will you keep us waiting?


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