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The Idea and The Business

Unemployment is on the increase! The frustration is real! The hustle is getting harder! Many are getting involved in acts they could never have believed they will.  Do we blame them? But, do you know that not everyone sings the same "no job- no money" song? Some have it better for them as they finally manage to raise capital for a business.  These ones rush into any 'beautiful' business and are soon frustrated because they cannot expand their reach beyond friends and family, who even patronise them without paying. Then all the thousands they struggled to raise disappears. Then there's that few who have very helpful friends and family. They keep going to them for money to start one business today and another one tomorrow.  Now, no one wants to hear them out again, because they've been jumping from one business to another without making progress. Not having what to do is sickening. Not having money to meet basic needs is fr

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