Aim High and Wide

It's the New year, 2018, and we all have new dreams, in different sizes and capacities, capable of producing different kind of results. One thing I've seen too many a time is someone wanting to set out for something but already limiting himself by the scope of his dream.

A student wants to pass a class and gives himself the 'I must reach the 60% mark at least'. You want to participate in a race and all you keep telling yourself while preparing is that 'I must finish in the first 50 at least, since that's what it takes to qualify'.

 No! This kind of determination is already a limiting one. Aim for 60% and you're likely to fall short of it. Aim for being a part of the first 50 and you just might be number 51. Yes, it happens more likely than it doesn't.

Come on! What stops you from aiming for the first position in class and in that race? Isn't it people who will occupy those spots? Aim high and wide! Don't limit your mind! The mind is limitless, but we all are guilty of limiting its scope with the 'it doesn't seem possible', 'how can it happen' syndrome.

After aiming, comes work! You don't now decide  to make the top 5 in class and then study the way the average student does. No! As you aim high and wide, study high and wide. Even if you end up falling short of number 1, you'll be in the its corridor.

Don't limit your mind! Dream big for that business you want to start! Dream big for that conference you want to plan! Dream big for yourself! Stop walking with the local mindset, come on, widen your horizon! To go high you've got to think high. Remember, if you want to do it, do it and stand out. If you want to go the way, go all the way. That's what differentiates the winners from all the others.

Let this carry you on. You want to be a big man? Think and then act like a big man!

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.
Norman Vincent Peale

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