Today, I'll be telling a story of one experience I had in National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) camp. I had left Lagos to Awgu Camp, Enugu state, with so great expectations of the experience that awaited me, and I sure wasn't disappointed. Our first major task in camp was preparing for our March past during our swearing-in ceremony. I was privileged to be chosen out of thousands to command the banner party (a group of ten that was to carry the Nigerian flag during the ceremony). It was a great one for me, and one in which I learnt a great life lesson.

Business started. We were taught different marching styles, and I was taught how to command my team and respond to commands given by the general parade commander. I learnt quickly even though I faltered at some points, but I was determined to perfect it.

A day to the ceremony, we all gathered for the final rehearsal. All officials and soldiers were present for our demo show. And so it started, and everything was going perfectly. My heart was beating so fast and I was very tensed. Suddenly, the general parade commander screamed out a command to me, and then it happened: I forgot all I was to say or do and stood looking like a dummy. You can imagine the reaction!

People laughed at and mocked me, soldiers insulted me, a couple of others said I should be changed. Just then, something happened that has stuck with me ever since.

The two soldiers who had been training my team and I walked up to me and said: "Don't be tensed, you know this thing, you can do it. Even we the soldiers training you, it took us months to learn these steps. All these people laughing can't do better than you if they were in your shoes. Just be calm, you can do it"

Those words changed me. To cut the long story, I struggled through the rehearsal, but on the D-Day, performed brilliantly, the praises were enormous. A man's words pushed me, "You can do it".

More often than not, those who laugh at your failure are those who haven't even tried or failed in anything, don't be discouraged by them. That you've gotten this far means you have it in you, you can get to the finish line. Don't stop, you can be whoever you want.

"Are you motivated?"
"Motivated! Motivated!! Sir!"
Answer for yourself.

P.S: Throwback photos: Soldiers I referred to and I, team and I.

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  1. So blessed!! Mine was the First day I gave a patient a prescribed medication in form of an intramuscular injection. I was so tensed but the medical doctor with me insisted I gave the injection. I could feel the surge of adrenaline in my veins. What worsened the tension was that the patient was an adult female with big buttocks. I didn't know how to tell her to join me in the injection room, not to talk of me telling her to pull down her pants. I was stuck and wished the earth could swallow me. Hahaha. At this point the doctor came closer , spoke some inspiring words to me, gave the patient one of the injunctions (she actually had two injections to take), and then pushed me to give the second. I shut the eyes of my fears, increased the tone of my facial muscles, withdrew the injection, and injected the patients. It was like the weight of the earth was lifted off me. It opened a new door to me; and ever since, I've injected tens to hundreds of patients. Thank u Dr. Azeh Praise for this one.

    1. Hehehee. ..
      Very funny and inspiring.
      We never really make any difference or achieve any feat except we face our fears, increase the tone of our facial muscles, withdraw the injection, and inject that situation.

      Thanks for sharing Dr. Raphael.

      Yes, we can!

  2. One great 'I can' experience was during NYSC back in 2012,Ekiti state. I belonged to the Guidance and Counseling CD group. I was batch C. When it was time for the batch B excos to pass out, the onus fell on we batch C corp members to take over. My good friend Ifeco asked me to run for President of the group. I was like me ehn never,lai lai. He said John I know u, u can do it, some of my friends encouraged me and so i came out to join other contenders for the president. We were asked to give a little propaganda of agenda or what we intend doing as president.. All I simply said was 'I promise to serve to The best of my ability '.Votes began and at the end I won.. I was surprised and happy. Then came my first speech. I was jittery but I passed. At the end of my tenure, my group members said they wish I could continue service cos I was the best president they even had. Some even said they wish they could clone me. This is a freaking long story but I achieved all this cos someone said 'Johngreat u can'.
    I can,
    You can,
    We can

    1. Wow.
      Great and inspiring.
      We indeed have the power to face our fears.

      Yes, we can.

  3. Many people have told me 'Yes, you can', the one that echoes the most is that of Mum.

    And so I don't stop. I keep at it.

    Cheers Praise, to more daunting tasks ahead and the successes that will follow.

    1. Indeed our Mothers are one great source of motivation.

      Big cheers sire.
      We don't wait for success, we go take it!
      Yes, we can.


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