"I have never known or heard of a man of success who didn't have foresight of the path he walked or the destination he craved" (Praise Azeh)

Sight is an important element of the human journey. Sight; a pictorial representation of where we are going, what we're becoming and of course, where and what we are not going and becoming. We are constantly drawn to what we see, thus it's important we see what we want, and keep seeing it.

I have a book (books in fact), where I have written various things I plan to achieve at different stages of my life. As the days go by, I continually go back to them, keeping my sight refreshed, because the clearer I see where I am going, the more particular I am about how I live my life.

A man, maybe still 'small' today, but sees a great future for himself, sees his 'little' dreams and ideas metamorphose into a giant tomorrow, and doesn't stop there, starts taking conscious steps in bridging the gap between today and tomorrow, is a man who will have good success.

So what do you see? You are still being benched in your local football club all because your coach doesn't deem you good enough, but what do you see for yourself? You've been turned down on different singing platforms just because of this and that, but what kind of singer do you see yourself becoming? Your writings have been thrown out time and time again, but what kind of writer do you see yourself becoming? In your chosen field and skill, where do you see yourself attaining?

What do you see? Don't tell me what happened or is happening to you, but tell me what you are seeing despite the happenings. No one ever stumbles into greatness, you must push consistently with your eyes on the finishing line.

Become a man of vision. Don't only write dreams, keep visiting them. Don't only keep visiting them, let them drive you to positive action. Don't just take a positive action, keep acting positively, and you will see yourself soar before you even realise it.

Life is lived forward but understood backwards. Take stock of your past mistakes, failures, disappointments, down times and rejections. Learn the lesson, apply them, adjust your sight when need be, and keep moving.

Take responsibility for your life!


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