5 Things You Should Never Forget.

Change we know is inevitable, be it for better or worse. As the saying, "forty friends can't stay together for forty years", people change as life happens. Friends become strangers, strangers become friends, relationships fall out, others are made, but most importantly, certain people stick through all.

As life happens, there are five things we should never forget.

1) Who You Are (Personality)
Many tend to forget themselves when they get into a crowd. They forget the values they've built and embraced, the causes they've sworn to protect, the choices they've decided to follow through, and just flow with the crowd. Many get into a new circle and want to conform, losing themselves in the process. We must learn to stand for what we believe, whether or not we stand alone. No matter what comes your way, never forget who you are. Aspire to be and not to have.

2) Where You're Going (Direction)
Every man has a vision​ and purpose, be it to do, start, maintain, destroy or sustain something. As we journey through life, there'll be different channels of distractions. At these points, we must never lose track of where we're going. Distractions could come in form of negative comments, the feeling of achievement, etc. The man who overcomes distractions is the one who has a clear sight of where he's headed.

3) Where You're Coming From (Starting Point)
Never rise so great in life that you never get to look back and be grateful for where you've come from. Today's so bad? It could be worse! You're not where you were yesterday! No matter how bad today seems, at least you're making progress. You were born into a poor family, have a challenge? Let these spur you into greatness, and whenever you want to give up, just remember where you're coming from.

4) What You've Learnt (Experience)
A man who doesn't learn from experience, be they good or bad, will keep living life in circles. Life is full of happenings, and each of them leave us with experiences. A man who rises to success is one who doesn't forget the lesson he learnt in a past problem, and applies the knowledge to his life so as not to fall into the same mistake again. Experience could be ours or someone else's. Learn from experience, but be wise to realise that people aren't the same.

5) Those Who've Been There (Loyalty)
As we journey through life, people come and go, but certain people remain faithful. These are the true friends. Those who have taken bullets for us, gone the length, given their all, and love us with their all; friends turn family. These are people we shouldn't give up on or forget. Many have become successful and turned their backs on those who helped them on their way up, no! Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family. As you journey through life, never confuse those who are there with those who have always been.

Life happens. Live, love and laugh! See beauty in everything around you. Live a life you will remember. Cheers.

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."
Mae West

"Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning, anyone can start over and make a new ending"
Chico Xavier

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