Life Happens.

Many of us have felt pain, physical, emotional and beyond. We've been disappointed, betrayed, sold out, defiled and trampled upon, mostly by loved ones, people we had trusted greatly, given our all and made great sacrifices for, and that's what made it hurt more and make the pain linger longer.

We've been given to the enemy by those who had promised to defend and hide us, been let down by those who we had stood up for, and left to drown by those we had jumped into oceans of life to save. We all have, so I understand the feeling.

"I never believed you could do this, how could you?"
This statement has been said a lot and in different structures by people who have had their heart broken. The legendary Julius Caesar was killed by his best friend in Shakespeare's novel and while dying had said, "Et tu Brute?" (And you too Brutus?). Due to these, many have closed their hearts to love someone again because of a past experience, they've classified all men/ women as the same because of the last one they had, they've refused to give themselves another shot at a happy life because a loved one has hurt them so bad. No, life happens, you have to move on.

Growing up, my Mama always told me, "expect anything from anyone", and it's really helped me to where I am today. You promise not to hurt me, fine, I believe you, but if you do, I move on, life happens.

Stop holding on to that hurt, anger, bitterness and bottling it up in you, no, let it go! You're hurting yourself more by holding on to the pain. Forget the details, learn the lesson and move on! Give others a try, there are more sincere and trustworthy people out there. We should all come to the realization that humans can fail, no matter how much they say they won't. Truth is most times they don't desire to, but life happens and they can't help it.

I'm not justifying that person who hurt you, no, we must all try to be better people, be people of integrity and be the best version of us. But, as we complain of being hurt, we also have hurt people, and the world hasn't ended.

Move on, keep living, take chances, pursue your dreams nevertheless. You'll be hurt, betrayed, helped, succeed, fail, fall, rise, be pushed, but in all, don't let any happiness or sadness stop you from progressing. Life happens, just keep living.

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