Enjoy The Little Things.

I've met a number of people who are too serious with life. They struggle so hard for something they want and lock out everything else in the process. Yes, in a way it's good to go all out for what you want without distractions, but I'm referring to the part of forgetting to live in and appreciate the moment; a lot have sadly fallen victim.

Many have chased success and forgotten to build relationships, eventually succeeding and being surrounded by traitors. Others have chased a particular person they loved pushing out the ones who loved them. For some, they've cried and giving up on everything because they expected a miracle that didn't come, forgetting the air the life they have is the greatest miracle. Many chase so many things, get too serious with life and forget to enjoy the moment.

You'll be out of school in a few years, those friends you see everyday may never be seen again; enjoy the moment. In whatever you do and wherever you are, never be too carried away that you don't take out time to breathe in and be thankful for what you have, no matter how little, and where you are, no matter how far out.

Enjoy friendships, relationships, take time out to give yourself a treat sometimes, exercise, appreciate nature, whatever​ way you want, just be thankful and enjoy. Enjoy the moment because that's all you have. Don't grow into a grumpy old person who will look back at years past with regret and
'had I known'.

It's never too late to make your life better no matter how hard you've struggled. Instead of killing yourself because you aren't where you will have wanted, be grateful you aren't where you used to. You've been hurt before? Love more, there are more deserving men and women out there, be grateful at least for the experience no matter how bitter it was. Be grateful for and enjoy people and places, cherish friendships, love and enjoy love, we only have the moment.

In all, be happy, and make others happy also, no matter what you do or don't have. The things we do today will tell what our tomorrow will be. Enjoy the little things. Life's so much fun. Live a life you will remember. Compliments of the season.

"We only live once, but if we do it right, once is enough" (Mae West)

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