Ngozi Ike, my bosom friend was set to leave Nigeria, it was winter break.
A dark and desperate day it was for me; I needed her to be here with me, I had plans for the break.
“A week or two Edima, I shall return” she gave her word.

Suddenly after Ngozi left, there were rumours of war and killings in the exact location she was, I couldn’t reach her or anyone I knew there, I gave up. Exactly two weeks, she stood on Nigerian soil after landing safely at the port. And said to me, “see Edima, I returned.”

I haven’t found anything soothing and refreshing as the feeling the month of May brings to me.
Her word was as good as her bond.
Regardless of the odds against her, she was bound and determined to make her promise good.

Jurors often have a reason to doubt the testimony of a witness on the stand. Parents likewise, have reason at times to doubt their childrens' word. Citizens frequently doubt the promises of politicians. Creditors can no longer believe a debtor’s verbal pay.
This is a terrible dilemma!

There’s a remedy.
Say I’ll pray for - then pray.
Say you can depend on me – and be dependable
Say I’ll be there by 4pm – let 4pm meet you there.

And so if you fail to; quickly admit to the person you promised and refuse to rationalize around it.
If you do; you are a part of that precious few with genuine integrity, you are rare and you are an encouragement to others.

Do you know something?
I know another one asides Ngozi who promised to return. He, too, will keep His word. In fact he’s never broken one promise. He will return!

Written by:
Peace Harrison
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