Mastering Your Finances (1)

 One need not look too far before realising many thirst and long for money. While many leave it at wishes, others go ahead and work hard for it; I respect the latter. As responsibilities await us, we soon get to discover that money is key in solving them.

I've met people who suddenly had a lot of money come their way, and the next I hear them say after a little while is that, "the money is finished", and they are worse than before the money came. For others, they live in the circle of debts, that when they eventually get any money, they have to offset the debts, which most times isn't done fully, then they go back to borrowing more, and so continues the struggling circle.

Then I asked myself: what mindset sponsored these kinds of statements and actions? Did the individual have a scale of preference of already expected expenses to be incurred? Yes, it's good to have a scale of preference, but it always boils down to what makes up that scale.

According to Joe Moore, "a simple fact that is difficult to learn is when to save money when you have some". What strikes me in these words is the 'when you have some' not 'when you have many': this is the chase! Money is wealth, but beyond that, money saved is true wealth.

You cannot go around spending all you have and yet complain you cannot save because of numerous responsibilities, that's false! You've only found an excuse to accompany the little contempt you show towards the subject of saving. Yes, you earned the money from your hard work , but the money you have really earned is the one that you didn't let people take from so easily. The money you have earned is the one you didn't let unneeded expenses​ take from you. The money you have truly earned is the money you truly saved.

I put it to you that has a scale of outlined expenses, let saving come first! Earn first and let other priorities take follow after.

Written by:
Kelvin Daniels
Financial Strategist

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